26 January 2021

Shootin' for Playsports (Telenet)


Host & interviewer: Bart Raes

Director: Paul Van Rooy

Editor in Chief:  Dirk Van Nijverseel 

Producer: Maarten Vranken

Director of Photography+ Camera 1 : Lou Berghmans

Camera 2: Johan Stoefs 

Camera 3: Jasper Stoefs

Gaffer: Tom Van den Abbeele

Dolly-operator: Jaak Segers

Make-up: Klaartje van de Velde

Tech specs:

Lights: WATTS bvba 

Grip: Grikaros NV

Camera: Arri Amira  & Canon zoom lenses 

Shot on location @ Kruitfabriek/Vilvoorde (Belgium)

Shootin' for Playsports (Telenet)

Director of Photography for "title in progress", a Belgian Docu-series directed by Jan Verheyen.

TV-docus series planned for broadcast end of the year. More details will follow in the autumn

1 March 2024

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Director of Photography for an art installation in Noeveren (BE) hosted by photographer Marc T'Syen

Celebratring the "NOEVEREN MANIFEST". Since 1986, Noeveren has been protected as a village site.  It's no surprise: in Noeveren, history is etched in stone!

1 January 2024

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Director of Photography for "SOPHIE CROSS SEASON 2 " a French TV-series directed by Adeline Darraux.

07.09.2022 Takin' off SOPHIE CROSS, season 2.

14 January 2023

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Director of Photography for "EXPEDITIE NOORDZEE" a film documentary of Frederic Carbon & Wim Opbrouck

The "Expedition North Sea" is a film documentary by Frederic Carbon and Wim Opbrouck for I.O.B.Z., the Institute for Research on the Enchantment of the Seas.

15 August 2023

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Director of Photography for "ZONDER AFSPRAAK" a TV-series by Yahya terryn

In Ghent, the recordings have started for the new fiction series "ZONDER AFSPRAAK" (without Appointment), a tv-series directed by Yahya terryn for Canvas (VRT) and produced by Willem Wallyn for W2.

9 May 2022

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Director of Photography for "THE HEYSEL DRAMA" a docu-series directed by Jan Verheyen

Heysel, 1985 - Block Z' tells the story of one of the biggest scars in Belgian history. On 29 May 1985, a big football party between Juventus and Liverpool at Heysel Stadium degenerated into a full-blown battle between English hooligans and Italian supporters.

15 January 2022

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Director of Photography for "MAUVAISE PIOCHE" (TheFrenchMans) a TV-series directed by Fred Scotlande

"Mauvaise Pioche" (TheFrenchMans) is a new TV-series for Disney+ directed by French director Fred Scotlande in a production of CALT Studio, @belgafilms.be & BBCstudios

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"Sinterklaas & Koning Kabberdas", a film directed by Stijn Coninx

A new Saint Nicholas adventure written by Hugo Matthysen and starring the following cast: Sint Nicholas, Koning Kabberdas, Riko Tik, oma Tik, Rika Tik, Ramon, Conchita, the professor, Captain Paelinckx, Captain Droogdockx,Palomita, Kneta Knieschijf, the chief of staff

19 April 2021

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End of shoot RENAISSANCES (56 days) a TV-series for TF1 directed by Frank Van Passel

24 December 2020

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Starting up shoot new TV-series "RENAISSANCES" for TF1 date: 21/09 location : Biarritz (FR) & surrounding & Antwerp (BE) Director: Frank Van Passel Production: Leonis Productions & Belga Films

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CHARLATAN, Arno vertelt...

CHARLATAN, het verhaal van Arno is een docu-reeks geregisseerd door DOMINIQUE DERUDDERE en dat in 2021 door CANVAS zal uitgezonden worden. Productie: Borgerhoffs en Lamberigts Camera: Lou Berghmans - Kris Vandegoor - Rolf Lemmens (sheltered by 2punt8) Montage: Louis Deruddere

28 August 2020

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Online commercial "SPORZA-DE WARMSTE WEEK" shot in 180 minutes

For "De Warmste Week", Studio Brussels makes radio 24 hours a day on Nelson Mandela Square in Kortrijk for 7 days. Studio Brussels DJs Eva De Roo, Joris Brys and Fien Germijns are playing request plates for a charity that the listeners choose themselves.

20 December 2019

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Best Cinematography @ Film Short Leuven goes to Maxime Lahousse

As member of the jury @ the Short Film festival in Leuven, I had the honor to award the prize for the best cinematography

7 December 2019

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T1, a multicam capture for PLAYSPORTS BELGIUM/TELENET

A soccer coach is only human. With that in mind, from Friday 22 November, Bart Raes will take a weekly seat at the table with eight former and active national football coaches. The result of these conversations is T1, a program that offers a deep and personal view of life along the sidelines and its impact on private and family life.

22 November 2019

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Advising & helping aspirant DOP's Dirk Van Iseghem & Kato Stevens as last year BGM film students at the RITCS film institute @ Brussels.

19 November 2019

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Online video clip "OOSTENDE" performed by De Mens

Shoot online video clip in 2 hours.... Titel: OOSTENDE Band: De Mens (Frank Vanderlinden, Michel De Coster, Dirk Jans & David Poltrock) Directed by Frank Vanderlinden DOP: Lou Berghmans (SBC) Kamera: Arri Amira 2K 442 HQ Lens: Fujinon Cabrio

23 October 2019

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Shooting online videoclip DE MENS (song: Oostende)

Shoot online videoclip Titel: OOSTENDE Band: De Mens (Frank Vanderlinden, Michel De Coster, Dirk Jans & David Poltrock)

19 October 2019

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Shootin' for PLAYSPORTS

New program for PLAYSPORTS (Telenet) about the "dog craft" of our Belgian football coaches

14 October 2019

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ALL OF US, a trailer

ALL OF US is the story of a therapeutic group of terminally ill patients led by a psychologist with no experience in the field. Each will lead another fight than the one that the medical report provided.

29 September 2019

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On May 10, 2018, it was announced that there will be a fourth Champions film. The recordings took place in March and April 2019. & Jan Verheyen was again the director. For the final the cast and crew used as location, Aalst Carnaval.

21 September 2019

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INTEGRATION made in Denmark

"Pano" report about the Danish integration model: does this inspire our Belgian politicians?

11 September 2019

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Official trailer for the upcoming new "FC DE KAMPIOENEN" film VIVA BOMA. Film will be released in the theaters in December 2019.

1 July 2019

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Shooting for NJAM TV

Video recordings for the program"HET WEEKMENU" on the Njam-TV channel.

28 June 2019

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FC DE KAMPIOENEN 4 - VIVA BOMA , a film directed by Jan Verheyen

The filming for the fourth in the series "THE CHAMPIONS"-films starts on Sunday March 3, 2019. In addition to the trusted Champions-cast, there are of course surprising guest actors - including Bab Buelens like Niki, Warre Borgmans - and playful cameos. Expected release: end of Autumn 2019

3 May 2019

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Commercial PEACE TO THE WORLD directed by Wim Opbrouck

Production: Gare du Nord Director: Wim Opbrouck DOP & Camera: Lou Berghmans (SBC) Focus puller: Bart Van Otterdijck (SBC) Gaffer: Bram Lens (Watts) Camera: Arri Mini Lenses: Leica Summilux

1 September 2018

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Colorgrading teaser "FC DE KAMPIOENEN - VIVA BOMA"

grading teaser "FC DE KAMPIOENEN - VIVA BOMA"

17 June 2019

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Finishing color grading ALL OF US

Grading by colorist Peter Bernaers |@ Studio l'Equipe Brussels

14 March 2019

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ALL OF US, a film directed by Willem Wallyn

"All of us ”is about a self-help group of terminally ill patients who are accompanied by a therapist without experience, played by Barbara Sarafian. The tragic comedy tells the story of housewife Cathy (Maaike Neuville) who only has a few months left to live.

11 November 2017

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a trailer: Salamander 2 - Blood & Diamonds

1 July 2018

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a trailer : "DE 16" (shot on I-phone & Sony Alpha 7)

14 July 2017

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2016 & my favorite pics & best pop song of the year

29 December 2017

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WYSIWYG 2punt8 (1996-2016)

Poster celebrating 20 years camerapool 2punt8

1 December 2016

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a teaser : LA MUERTE DE CUPIDO a short by Aza Declercq

15 March 2016

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4 October 2015

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